StarFish, the online service for Business Continuity managers and consultants and more.

Our services include cloud based business continuity data analysis and monitoring systems for your organization’s resilience objectives. Key elements include  solutions that address both disaster prevention and response, disaster management functions: collect, gather and analyze data, focus on both reducing risk and limiting event impact.  This tool can be used by other industries like Insurance, Health Care and Public Sector Organizations to identify, monitor and provide customized information to mitigate risk.

Makers of the StarFish Business Continuity Platform

StarFish BC is a cloud based business continuity data analysis and monitoring system integrating the power of Artificial Intelligence and 30+ years of Professional BCDR experience to ensure resilience throughout all aspects of business.  Some features of StarFish include:

– Create custom continuous global deep web searches (Streams) that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
– AI based surveillance targets areas and monitors events affecting business (office sites and 3rd party vendors/suppliers)
– Provides real-time situational awareness concerning potential disruptive events (power outage, tropical storm, wildfire, etc.)
– Regular incident reporting for executives and business owners with historical archiving
– Custom reports to track events, seasonal/weather related impacts, cyber, travel and health/epidemiology issues
– Repository of documents to enact and maintain all critical information necessary to support a company’s Operational Risk Management requirements
– Access to the full suite of Risk Management Professional Services provided by Atlas Group